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Builders Vision Joins Breakthrough Energy’s Catalyst Program as Founding Partner




Builders Vision is a proud partner of Breakthrough Energy’s Catalyst program that focuses on projects aimed at driving down costs and expediting adoption of climate smart technologies. As an impact platform, Builders Vision is rapidly scaling its philanthropic and investment efforts in pursuit of climate solutions that will help expedite the adoption and affordability of clean energy innovations while ensuring communities most affected by climate change are not left behind.

“We have one planet to live on and we must learn to live here responsibly with the finite resources that we have. Builders Vision is proud to be a part of the Catalyst community with its mission to accelerate cutting-edge climate technologies toward full-scaled deployment,” said Lukas Walton, Founder and CEO. “This challenge is going to take all of us working together if we are to reach Net Zero by 2050. We must collectively leverage the power of public, private, philanthropic and financial sectors, taking risks on new technology, scaling existing solutions faster, and involving the communities impacted most. There is simply no time to waste.”