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Who We Are

Our people, culture, and values are the core of Builders Vision. We support environmental sustainability through our workspaces and practices while prioritizing the diversity, well-being, and success of each of our employees, and the communities where we live and work.

Beginner’s Mindset

We commit ourselves to curiosity, exploration, playfulness, learning and unlearning, to asking good questions and listening deeply to the answers with open eyes, minds and hearts.

Bravery And Creativity

We believe good ideas come from all kinds of places and aren’t always without risk, so we support the freedom to fail, big leaps, audacious hunches, and sentences like, “This may sound crazy, but…"

Integrity With Humility

Always coming from a place of humility, kindness and caring, telling the truth matters, even if we don’t agree. Good intentions and careful action matter. Honesty and ethical decision-making matter.

Diversity And Collaboration

Diversity of life experience and point of view is essential to solving complex problems. We seek out and celebrate differences between us, trust each other, and collaborate with our partners.

Making The World A Better Place

We want to help make the world a better place for everyone. It’s why we go to work every morning.

Amy Pape

Receptionist & Office Manager, Builders Vision

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Andrew Yi

Associate, Investments, Builders Initiative


Anila Podila

Senior Associate Program Officer, Food and Agriculture, Builders Initiative

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Anne Thomas

Head of People Operations, Builders Vision

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Ben Huang

Senior Associate, Builders Asset Management

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Bruce Hao

Managing Director, Builders Asset Management

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Daniela Herrera

Senior Associate Program Officer, Climate Equity, Builders Initiative

Daniella Herrera 1

Ellie Barker

Senior Associate, Investments, Builders Initiative

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George Dallas

Senior Associate Program Officer, Oceans, Builders Initiative

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Joanna Cohen

Head of Impact Measurement & Management, Builders Vision

Joanna Cohen

Jocelyn Kainer

Executive Assistant to CIO of Builders Asset Management & CIO of Builders Initiative, Builders Vision

Jocelyn Kainer

Jorge Lopez

Counsel, Philanthropy & Impact Investing, Builders Vision

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Kai Robinson

Investment Associate, Public Markets, Builders Asset Management


Kim Burris

Chief People Officer, Builders Vision

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Kristen Moree

Senior Associate, Investments, Builders Initiative

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Laura Payne

Director, Public Markets/​ESG, Builders Asset Management

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Lisa Boelman

Executive Assistant to Chief of People and President of Builders Initiative, Builders Vision


Lisa Montez

Senior Counsel of Philanthropy & Impact Investments, Builders Vision

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Lukas Walton

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Builders Vision

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Matt Loveless

Head of Data Science & Technology, Builders Vision

Matt Loveless

Matt Knott

President & Chief Operating Officer, Builders Vision

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Megan Scott

Chief of Staff to CEO & Founder, Builders Vision

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Noelle Laing

Chief Investment Officer, Builders Initiative

Noelle Laing

OJ Dorson

Cloud & Endpoint Administrator, Builders Vision

OJ Dorson

Peter Bryant

Program Director, Oceans, Builders Initiative

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Ryan Strode

Senior Program Officer, Builders Initiative

Ryan strode 1

Sarah Walczewski

Head of Strategy Integration & Special Projects, Builders Vision

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Scott Gerdes

Director, Investments, Builders Asset Management

Scott Gerdes

Sean Nguyen

Senior Staff Data Scientist, Builders Vision

Sean Nguyen

Shawn Kendrick

Senior Associate, Impact Measurement and Management, Builders Vision

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Sydney Mason

Finance Operations Associate, Builders Vision


Yana Barthel

Manager, Payroll, Benefits and HRIS, Builders Vision

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