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Beginner’s Mindset

We commit ourselves to curiosity, exploration, playfulness, learning and unlearning, to asking good questions and listening deeply to the answers with open eyes, minds and hearts.

Bravery And Creativity

We believe good ideas come from all kinds of places and aren’t always without risk, so we support the freedom to fail, big leaps, audacious hunches, and sentences like, “This may sound crazy, but…"

Integrity With Humility

Always coming from a place of humility, kindness and caring, telling the truth matters, even if we don’t agree. Good intentions and careful action matter. Honesty and ethical decision-making matter.

Diversity And Collaboration

Diversity of life experience and point of view is essential to solving complex problems. We seek out and celebrate differences between us, trust each other, and collaborate with our partners.

Making The World A Better Place

We want to help make the world a better place for everyone. It’s why we go to work every morning.