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Builders Vision Joins the Transition Pathway Initiative!

The Transition Pathway Initiative helps investors assess the progress of companies on the transition to a low carbon economy. Builders Vision joins as a member of the Strategic Advisory Committee.



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The Builders Vision team is excited to announce our support for the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI). We’re proud to join the 145+ asset owners, asset managers, and service providers that are part of this global initiative.

The need to shift to a lower carbon economy is becoming more urgent, and investors can play a crucial role in analyzing transition risk and driving progress. TPI helps investors understand the commitments and improvements companies are making by providing academically rigorous, independent, and forward-looking assessments of corporate climate governance and carbon emission reduction efforts. These assessments can be used for a variety of purposes - from shaping portfolio construction to identifying transition leaders and laggards to guiding engagement efforts. TPI assessments are publicly available and free for all to use.

Builders Vision believes financial markets can and should benefit society and the environment, and with this partnership we are working towards our goal to be engaged shareholders. As a member of TPI’s Strategic Advisory Committee, we will help guide and support the expansion of TPI assessments across asset classes and geographies and help promote the work of TPI as critical infrastructure within financial markets.

“The Builders Vision team works to identify public and private market strategies that deliver market-rate financial returns and can drive systemic change for our planet. We believe both are possible,” said Laura Payne, Vice President of Public Markets. “TPI provides transparent and open-access data that helps financial actors better understand the risks and opportunities associated with the energy transition. We’re proud to officially join TPI as a public supporter and a member of their Strategic Advisory Committee, and we look forward to partnering with them and fellow TPI members to achieve a more sustainable future.”

You can learn more about TPI here: