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Blue Blog: Honoring our blue partners on World Ocean Day!

Happy World Ocean Day!

Beneath the oceans’ broad and beautiful horizon lives an ecosystem vital to our planet’s health and connection, a deep blue world that deserves humankind’s stewardship and humility. From shore to shore, from marlins to mangroves, vibrant ocean ecosystems are pillars of global environmental recovery, economic growth, food and climate security, and human health.

Just this May, our Builders Initiative team visited with several of our over 150 Oceans Initiative partners, seeing firsthand the impact they are having on preserving our precious oceans and marine life. We proudly stand behind their work!

In addition, S2G Ventures – the direct investment team of Builders Vision - continues to identify technologies and business models that can alter the trajectory of ocean health, climate resilience, and food security. Since launching last year, S2G’s Oceans and Seafood portfolio has grown rapidly as we have partnered with entrepreneurs on key themes of ecosystem resilience, resource optimization, and sustainable food systems.

In this sphere, Builders Vision’s Oceans partners continue to forge innovative solutions with curiosity and care, catalyzing change through hopeful measures. On this #WorldOceanDay, Builders Vision honors those in our community who answer this high calling and work tirelessly to ensure that our oceans are resilient and balanced.