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Earth Day is Every Day

Earth Day is Every Day

On Earth Day and every day, Builders Vision proudly stands behind the individuals and organizations working to protect our planet and vulnerable communities from the negative impacts of climate change.

As a planet, we have less than eight years to limit global warming to 1.5°C to avoid the irreversible damage caused by climate change. That’s why Builders Vision is acting with urgency to advance climate solutions through multiple tools and strategies—including investment, grantmaking and advocacy—to address environmental inequities and achieve systemic change. Together with our partners, we use this multi-pronged approach to scale innovations in climate and energy, food and agriculture, and oceans.

This year, we’ve taken some important steps to scale climate solutions for all—like establishing a $300 million investment platform to fully mainstream clean energy’s role in the 21st century; driving down costs and expediting adoption of climate smart technologies as a founding partner of Breakthrough Energy’s Catalyst program; supporting long-term climate equity projects with the Chicago Frontline Funding Initiative and the Midwest Environmental Justice Network; and working to find policy solutions to the most pressing global climate issues in partnership with Climate Imperative. And we’re just getting started.

We’re proud of the progress our Builders have already made on the frontlines of the climate crisis. As we look forward, we will continue to expand our work in order to build a more humane and healthy planet.

You can learn more about Builders Vision here.